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Step into the future with us. Our mission goes beyond conventional IT solutions; we're architects of digital evolution. With a commitment to excellence, we merge expertise and creativity to shape a dynamic, tech-driven tomorrow. Explore innovation; embrace transformation.

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About NMSware Tehnologies

NMSware Technologies

Welcome to our realm of innovation! At NMSware Technologies, we're not just providing IT solutions; we're crafting digital experiences that redefine possibilities. With a team passionate about technology, we navigate complexities to deliver solutions that transcend expectations. Explore a world where your IT challenges find ingenious resolutions.

What we do
  • Inventory management system
  • Custom software & website development
  • Graphics designing
  • IT Consultation
  • Business Digitalization with Technology

Our Mission

Fostering a digital transformation that propels businesses into a future of streamlined operations, superior customer engagement, and enduring growth.

Our Vision

To lead the evolution of business operations and empowering businesses for a seamless digital future.

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Years of expertise

Our Projects

Few of our completed projects

Nihon Jidosha
Revving up the digital presence! Proud to partner with Nihon Jidosha to transform their online experience. Our web development expertise has turbocharged their website, en...
Pretzel Plate
Pretzel Plate just got a digital upgrade! Thrilled to sweeten the online presence of Pretzel Plate with our web development magic. Now you can explore their tempting treats and place...
Winluck HK
Our recent collaboration with Winluck HK involved crafting a tailored web solution, enhancing their brand visibility, and optimizing operations...
Ejoy LK
Ejoy LK is an ecommerce platform with bidding/auction features. Even their customers can sell on the auction. We have developed it in partnership with Hostware LK...